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   Side photo Duffy 

Well done Duffy
Dog CC at Border
Union Champ Show
Sat 16th June, 2012,
Judge Mr T Powell

Congrats to Duffy 3rd in Open Dog at Crufts 2012
Judge Mr C Russell.

Well done Duffy
Res Dog CC
at The Lancashire
Heeler Club Championship
Show 23rd October
2011. Judge Mrs
E Lord

Congrats to
Ch Doddsline Duffy
Dog CC at Border
Union Champ Show
19th June 2011
Judge Mrs Ginnette

Ch Doddsline Duffy
Best Dog CC at
National Working
& Pastoral Breeds
Champ Show
Sat 17th July 2010
Judge Mr Ellis Hulme
Blackpool Champ Show
27th June 2010 Ch Doddsline Duffy Best
Dog CC Judge Mrs Pat Chadwick
congrats to Duffy 
Ch Doddsline Duffy
Dog CCat Border
Union  Champ
Show 19th June
2010 Judge Mrs
Patsy Hollings
Well done Duffy
Ch Doddsline Duffy
3rd in Lancashire
Heeler Club best
overall dog /
bitch for 2009
beaten by two
lovely bitches.
Ch Doddsline Duffy
Dog CC & BOB
at Driffield
Champ Show
Thurs 1st Oct
2009 Judge Mrs
Freda Marshall
Ch Doddsline
Duffy Dog CC
at Birmingham
City Champ
Show 4th Sept
2009 Judge
Mr Derek Smith
Ch Doddsline
Duffy Res Dog
CC at Welsh
KC Champ
Show 22nd
August 2009
Mr Vic Salt
Ch Doddsline
Duffy Best Dog CC & BOB
at National Working & Pastoral Champ Show
18th July 2009
Judge Mr Barry Allison
Ch Doddsline
Duffy Best Dog at Leeds
Champ Show
26th July 2009 Judge Mrs Lesley Danson
Crufts 2009 Ch
Doddsline Duffy
2nd Open Dog
Judge Miss
Sarah Whybrow
Lovely Puppies

Lovely puppies




Lancashire Heeler A Pastoral Working Dog

 C heinban  L ancashire  H eelers


Lancashire Heelers, Duffy on footie 


The Lancashire Heeler is a native breed of the United Kingdom originating in the County of Lancashire hence the name he is the smallest dog in the Pastoral Group, this group comprises of dogs who were used to herd cattle and sheep since the early days of mans close association with dogs.

Not only have they been used to herd sheep, cattle and other cloven hoofed animals, dogs were used to guard their owners from predators.  All over the world dogs can be seen working with other animals, from the hottest climates of Africa and Australia to the very cold temperatures of the Arctic Circle, dogs are used to herd and guard other animals.  There is a vast terrain difference where the herding dogs are used, from arid deserts to lowland plains to bleak snow capped mountains.  Most dogs have a natural instinct to chase anything which runs and to protect their territory and other pack members from attack.  We have capitalised on these natural instincts and trained many dog breeds to be natural herders, the Lancashire Heeler being one of these.  As time moved on this development was advantageous to both man and dog.  The dog's skills of herding and guarding were valuable to man, the dogs benefitted by being looked after and well fed.

When man began to settle into larger communities, settlements and villages, they surrounded the villages etc with herds of animals, which was the start of a form of a farming system, the herds of different animals provided the settlers with food, drinks and clothing.  These herds had to be protected from predators, they were kept in close proximity to the villages, these herds were highly valued by the communities as also were the dogs who were used to guard both flocks and homes.  The dogs helped to keep the flock in close proximity to the community.



The different climates resulted in many different types of dogs
being bred to suit both roles as herder and guardians of a flock or   herds. Along with sheep dogs, cattle dogs, heelers, many different  types of dogs were bred which resulted in the Pastoral Group we  have today.  In extreme wet conditions dogs with protective coats were required.  In mountainous Europe came the Pyrenean Mountain dog, in Britain we had the Collie and Old English Sheep dog which were suited to our conditions, also Border Collies who have an excellent reputation as sheep herders, these dogs can be found in many countries working on the farms.  Samoyed have been herding Reindeer for centuries in colder countries.  Heelers got their name from nipping at the cattle's heels, without breaking the skin, as they drove the cattle to market or were rounding up the herd.  The Welsh Corgi is another Heeler.
The Rottweiler was used in Southern Germany as a cattle dog but has since gone on to be a guard dog with great success and now resides in the Working Group.  Shetland Sheepdogs, the Comondor, the Australian Cattle dog and the Australian Shepherd dog are also in the Pastoral Group because of their herding abilities.  The herding dogs ability to be highly trained stems from their natural intelligence, willingness and desire to succeed.  The complex amount of work they are given is undertaken or performed with little instruction.
The Lancashire Heeler being the smallest dog in the Pastoral Group is often thought of as a 'lap dog' nothing could be further from the truth, true there are the smaller types, fiesty, robust skimming over the top of the grass and seemingly turning in mid air, dominant, determined, intelligent, proud to be on show here in the twenty first century, from their humble beginnings, as was pointed out, from the Lancashire farms, roaming the streets of our old cotton towns and villages in Lancashire.  Long may they survive and go from strength to strength in the coming years as one of our popular native breeds.
The Lancashire Heeler, he loves you more than he loves himself.
Copyright :  Audrey Bancroft 





Latest News Update
LH Lauren Lolly
Best of Breed &
placed fourth in
Pastoral Group
atAshton Under
LyneOpen Show
Sunday20th Feb
2011 Judge
Mr M Hardy. 
Well done
Reserve Bitch
CC at Manchester
Champ Show Sat
22nd January 2011
Judge Mr Barry

Wonderful !!!
Leyeside Miss
Tique by
Cheinban Best
Puppy in Show
at Gt Harwood
on Monday
May 2010
Mr Richard
Best in Show
Judge Mr Malcolm
Sparks (Sharvo)
Cate's News
Southern Counties Cate

Hotpot Kiddie Cate
by Cheinban Bitch
CC at Driffield
Champ Show
20th Sept 2012,
JudgeMr Steve Hall
Congrats to Cate
4th in Open Bitch
at Crufts 2012.
Judge Mr C Russell
Res Bitch CC at
Driffield Champ
Show 29th Sept
2011, Judge Mrs
J Swann. 
Congrats to
Hotpot Kiddie
Cate by
Cheinban Res
bitch CC
National Working
& Pastoral
Breeds Champ
Show Judge Mrs
Liz Cartledge
Hotpot Kiddie
Cate by Cheinban
Reserve Bitch CC
at SKC 22nd
May 2011 Judge
Mrs Freda
Hotpot Kiddie
Cate by Cheinban
Res Best Bitch
at Leeds Champ
Show 26th July,
JudgeMrs Lesley
Well done to
Hotpot Kiddie
Cate by Cheinban
BestBitch CC at
National Champ
Show Birmingham
9/5/09 Judge
Mr JeffLuscott
Crufts 2009
Hotpot Kiddie
Cate by Cheinban
2ndin Limit Bitch
Judge Miss
Sarah Whybrow 
Hotpot Kiddie
Cate by
Res Bitch CC at
LKA Champ
Judge Mrs Ann
Arch Congrats
to Cate
A Walk


1st Lancashire Heeler Champ G/father Kris

Lancashire Heelers Headshot Bicky 2
Bicky at Work

Lancashire Heeler Bicky at work


Cate relaxing May 06 2