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   Side photo Duffy 

Well done Duffy
Dog CC at Border
Union Champ Show
Sat 16th June, 2012,
Judge Mr T Powell

Congrats to Duffy 3rd in Open Dog at Crufts 2012
Judge Mr C Russell.

Well done Duffy
Res Dog CC
at The Lancashire
Heeler Club Championship
Show 23rd October
2011. Judge Mrs
E Lord

Congrats to
Ch Doddsline Duffy
Dog CC at Border
Union Champ Show
19th June 2011
Judge Mrs Ginnette

Ch Doddsline Duffy
Best Dog CC at
National Working
& Pastoral Breeds
Champ Show
Sat 17th July 2010
Judge Mr Ellis Hulme
Blackpool Champ Show
27th June 2010 Ch Doddsline Duffy Best
Dog CC Judge Mrs Pat Chadwick
congrats to Duffy 
Ch Doddsline Duffy
Dog CCat Border
Union  Champ
Show 19th June
2010 Judge Mrs
Patsy Hollings
Well done Duffy
Ch Doddsline Duffy
3rd in Lancashire
Heeler Club best
overall dog /
bitch for 2009
beaten by two
lovely bitches.
Ch Doddsline Duffy
Dog CC & BOB
at Driffield
Champ Show
Thurs 1st Oct
2009 Judge Mrs
Freda Marshall
Ch Doddsline
Duffy Dog CC
at Birmingham
City Champ
Show 4th Sept
2009 Judge
Mr Derek Smith
Ch Doddsline
Duffy Res Dog
CC at Welsh
KC Champ
Show 22nd
August 2009
Mr Vic Salt
Ch Doddsline
Duffy Best Dog CC & BOB
at National Working & Pastoral Champ Show
18th July 2009
Judge Mr Barry Allison
Ch Doddsline
Duffy Best Dog at Leeds
Champ Show
26th July 2009 Judge Mrs Lesley Danson
Crufts 2009 Ch
Doddsline Duffy
2nd Open Dog
Judge Miss
Sarah Whybrow
Lovely Puppies

Lovely puppies




About us 2

C heinban  L ancashire  H eelers




 Lancashire Heelers
 On the Beach
Lancashire Heelers on the beach at St. Annes, all being good boys and a good girl, is this the lull before the storm. As it happened they were behaved. Duffy looks to be in a three legged race.
Lancashire Heelers, St Annes beach
This is Jimmy &       Stanley at 12 weeks I'm out         This is Merlin
Dee's Stanley at     of here                                     (Hotpot Boycie)
 10 weeks of age,                                                   my son's other 
from Hotpot                                                          Heeler, Stanley's 
Kennels                                                                brother

Lancashire Heelers Merlin Sept 08

 Merlin came 3rd in Special
 Puppy Class
 at Crufts, 2007
 Merlin all grown up now,
 two and a half years old,
 September, 08
Lancashire Heelers, Oliver at Kays
     Sire & Dam
 Mongrel's Outlaw 
 Oliver & Hotpot 
Little Madam
Lancashire Heeler, Hotpot Little Madam

Jimmy & Denise's puppy Lollipop (Laurel) (Leyeside Miss Tique)


 Lancashire Heelers Lauren & Jimmy


Lancashire Heelers Laurel in the office

  Lancashire Heelers Laurel Who has spoiled my sleep 

 Lancashire Heelers Laurel on the move

Homepage Lollipop Merl and Stan Lancashire Heelers Alcatraz on the move
Lollipop Stanley & Merlin
enjoying the snow

Lancashire Heelers on the move

1st Lancashire Heeler Champ G/father Kris


1st LH Champ Kristen


Ch Doddsline Kristen
(Doddsline Lord at Swanndale - Doddsline Lady Sarah)
The grandfather or great grandfather to most of my dogs was the first Lancashire Heeler Champion Dog Doddsline Kristen pictured here. What a lovely Champion he has been. 
Kristen received the first Dog Challenge Certificate at Crufts 1999 from Judge Mrs Ann Arch, his handler on the day was his breeder the late Mr Norman Johnston. Kristen's second CC came from Judge Mr Derek Smith at Blackpool Championship Show in June 1999, his third CC was from Judge Mr Terry Thorn at the Welsh Kennel Club Championship Show in
August 1999, making him the first Lancashire Heeler Champion.
Kristen has gone on to sire many puppies his offspring are shown with success in the Showring today.

Lancashire Heelers, Ginny at home

I have owned Lancashire Heelers since the early 1960's, the first one being a black and tan dog we named Ricky. Then in 1967 we bought a bitch, Ginny, who I took all over the country with me in the course of my work, she lived to be 14.

Then in the summer of 1984 I bought a lovely black & tan bitch, Ginny, she had
tipped ears.  The following year I bought a puppy dog, Tyson, who was a real little
character, they lived to be 17 & 19, I then "had a rest for 18 months.  Now I am
retired I can show my Buscuits 20 months and Cate 13 months, and spent lovely days last summer entering them in local open shows and the countrywide Championship shows.
 Lancashire Heelers, Tyson 5yrs
Lancashire Heelers, Ginny on walk Lancashire Heelers, Tycee white Stripes

Ginny on a walk in 1987

  Tapatina My Lad x Black Magic of  Tapatina (14/7/1984 - 30/7/2003)


    Tyson posing on a walk1988

    Tapatina My Lad x Mossacre
     Sheeza Dream of Tapatina
     (11/10/1985 - 25/11/2002)
Latest News Update
LH Lauren Lolly
Best of Breed &
placed fourth in
Pastoral Group
atAshton Under
LyneOpen Show
Sunday20th Feb
2011 Judge
Mr M Hardy. 
Well done
Reserve Bitch
CC at Manchester
Champ Show Sat
22nd January 2011
Judge Mr Barry

Wonderful !!!
Leyeside Miss
Tique by
Cheinban Best
Puppy in Show
at Gt Harwood
on Monday
May 2010
Mr Richard
Best in Show
Judge Mr Malcolm
Sparks (Sharvo)
Cate's News
Southern Counties Cate

Hotpot Kiddie Cate
by Cheinban Bitch
CC at Driffield
Champ Show
20th Sept 2012,
JudgeMr Steve Hall
Congrats to Cate
4th in Open Bitch
at Crufts 2012.
Judge Mr C Russell
Res Bitch CC at
Driffield Champ
Show 29th Sept
2011, Judge Mrs
J Swann. 
Congrats to
Hotpot Kiddie
Cate by
Cheinban Res
bitch CC
National Working
& Pastoral
Breeds Champ
Show Judge Mrs
Liz Cartledge
Hotpot Kiddie
Cate by Cheinban
Reserve Bitch CC
at SKC 22nd
May 2011 Judge
Mrs Freda
Hotpot Kiddie
Cate by Cheinban
Res Best Bitch
at Leeds Champ
Show 26th July,
JudgeMrs Lesley
Well done to
Hotpot Kiddie
Cate by Cheinban
BestBitch CC at
National Champ
Show Birmingham
9/5/09 Judge
Mr JeffLuscott
Crufts 2009
Hotpot Kiddie
Cate by Cheinban
2ndin Limit Bitch
Judge Miss
Sarah Whybrow 
Hotpot Kiddie
Cate by
Res Bitch CC at
LKA Champ
Judge Mrs Ann
Arch Congrats
to Cate
A Walk


1st Lancashire Heeler Champ G/father Kris

Lancashire Heelers Headshot Bicky 2
Bicky at Work

Lancashire Heeler Bicky at work


Cate relaxing May 06 2